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At Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Palm Beach County, you can be certain that our contractors will not cut corners in our work. We will pay a visit out to your property and recommend the best way to complete your transformation. Please email us today for a free estimate.

Our personnel can carry out a thorough floor plan. Hiring us would be thrilling not just for you, but also for us, as we take pride in delivering outstanding services to residents. To ensure the overall consistency of the finished product, we will begin by removing any precoated coatings and repairing any cracks. When you deal with us, you will get expert installation. Our scheme is a straightforward two-stage procedure. After you’ve finished installing the flooring, the garage will be ready for the family car within 24 hours.

Epoxy Flooring Coating Contractors of Palm Beach County-contact us

You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes to ensure that your preferred look is created. When we finish renovating your home in Broward County, Florida, it will be more valuable.

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An epoxy coating is made up of two components: a clear resin and a hardener. When the two are mixed, they form a liquid that eventually settles and creates an appealing and sturdy surface. It will not replace your floor; however, it will upgrade it and add the exquisite touch that everybody will remember. Epoxy coating has been around for over a century, first appearing in the early 1900s and then being copyrighted in 1936. Epoxy processing is now used to make flooring, fibers, paints, and adhesives, among other things.

We offer a wide range of floor and countertop epoxy facilities. Metallic Epoxy Floor is a next-generation decorative epoxy coating that combines metallic paint powder with clear resin epoxy to produce stunning performance. The main premise behind concrete floor epoxy covering is to use flooring solutions for your whole floor to deter issues such as moist, slick surfaces and chemical safety.

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Epoxy flake systems are typically available in a range of finishes, depending on the customer’s preferences and venue. Their key advantage is that they do not jeopardize the design factor of coating durability. Liquid Marble can be appropriate for commercial or residential applications where the priority is on installing floors. It can be used on very busy interior concrete floors due to its excellent effect and wear resistance. Polished concrete is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options. Polished concrete is therefore very environmentally friendly.

Our Epoxy Quartz flooring is intended for decorative applications in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings. We are also the epoxy specialists in Palm Beach County, creating epoxy compartments of all sizes. Homeowners can afford to refinish laminated counters with our liquid Marble Epoxy Coatings, and when applied correctly, epoxy Coatings have a solid as well as aesthetically pleasing finish. Metallic epoxy coatings are a multi-layered solution that uses a metallic adhesive incorporated into a clear epoxy coating to achieve exotic results. When it comes to epoxy for floors and countertops, we’re the people to call. Please email us today for a quote.

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